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*All Players Must Wear Helmets And Protective Gear While Batting In The Nets And Facing Bowling Machines             *we kindly request you to notify us of any cancellation for your booking at least 12 hours in advance. Your prompt communication will allow us to efficiently manage our resources and accommodate other potential players.

Cricket Nets

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If you want to reach the highest of levels in cricket, It is essential for you to train throughout all year round to learn new skills and keep those skills sharp. Batting against a Bowling machine can sharpen your cricket skills, allow you to work on specific strengths and weaknesses and develops confidence. No matter how busy your schedule is, there is no excuse for training hard and preparing as well as you possible can for the weekend or that upcoming game. The only regret you will have is if you didn’t put in the preparation. So get down to the BCC today and start working!!!

The Brisbane Cricket Centre (BCC) boasts five (5) indoor cricket lanes available for hire by individuals, private coaches, clubs, schools and cricket associations. There are two (2) lanes with full run ups for those bowlers wanting to come off the long run  and three (3) lanes with shortened run ups for live spin bowling or thrown downs/drill work for bowlers and batsman. The shortened lanes can also be used for  bowling machine access and/or private coaching.

The BCC also has 5 bowling machines (BOLA and BAZOOKA machines) available for hire along with the use of video analysis technology so players and coaches can record themselves, watch replays and provide real time feedback to players while they train. Bowlers can also access speed guns to monitor and assess their pace and constantly improve their skills, ability to bowl fast or work on the revolutions as a spin bowler. Such technology is unrivalled here in Brisbane.

One of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help you hire a lane,  show you how to use our bowling machines and how to access the video analysis technology.

Interested in booking a net ? We are Open 7 days so don’t hesitate, head on over to our booking page and hire a lane today !

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